Would You Go Cycling in London?

Pretty to look at, poorly designed for purpose. Kinda like any X Factor Winner.
Pretty to look at, poorly designed for purpose. Kinda like any X Factor Winner.

The road is a treacherous place for anyone who uses it, regardless of their vehicle choice. Therefore, there is an unwritten rule when it comes to the road: Everyone else is stupid.

Alas, it is a mentality that still exists today.

There is also two types of user for all vehicle classes – those who follow the rules and those who do not.

In the case of pedal bike users there are those of us who are cyclists, and those who are cunts on bikes.

The difference between the two classes is largely with the behaviour exhibited on the road. For example, when trying to gauge a fellow road users’ next move. As a cyclist, you cannot EVER beat ANY OTHER VEHICLE on the road when it comes to making a “quick” decision.

A cunt on bike (COB) will disregard whatever the vehicle in front is going to do and believe they have the right of way, ultimately deciding they can make the “quick” decision.

As does every road user to some degree but then that’s what the highway code was designed for.

It is a massive chess game and you either know how to play the game like a king or get brushed aside or into traffic violations like so many pawns.

Truth be told we all have a cunt streak in us when it comes to the road. But we’re at the point where if many more pawns get killed by the knights and even sometimes inadvertently, the bishops of the road (let’s call them the public service vehicles and emergency services for argument’s’ sake) then the dream of all vehicles using the road sanctimoniously remains exactly that.

So what is the answer? dialogue with actual cyclists is the start point. But ultimately, the powers that be will probably only do that to appease the angry mass of us (cyclists). Ultimately, as a nation, the (so-called) United Kingdom is driven by commerce. So they’re really only thinking…

How can we monetize being a cyclist? 

So far, the only real money that can be generated to the state if you’re a cyclist is if you ride on the pavement. It’s an on the spot fine.

But as most cyclists know, sometimes there is no alternative if you want to proceed across a busy junction say, or the other massive issue of having “broken” lanes – where a cycles lane suddenly ends with no reason and then restarts again 15 – 20 km later as if it was there all along. Also there are some of us who just aren’t that confident at the big junctions.

Alas, i predict the government (current or next) will learn to earn from a cyclist by making it law to wear a helmet, levying a fine if you don’t have one on and as we’re yearn to be treated as road vehicles, that is what they will try to make official too.

License plates on bikes.

Are you willing to pay a price to be safer on the road? to have the freedom to travel on our nation’s roadways with the rules more accepting of how we choose to travel? to know there are actual penalties for those who disregard or bully us off our chosen path?

Apart from the air we breathe, everything has a pay wall that we accept.

Freedom stopped being free a long time ago. but should we pay to have our way?

What if they create rules and they are enforced as well as say the talking on mobile phone whilst driving rules?

I ask a lot of questions but ultimately…

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.